8 Free Things to do in Palm Cove

Paradise is indeed found at Palm Cove in far north Queensland. The natural beauty of the area is a sight to behold, that is for sure. Visitors to this prized tropical region often savour their time spent chilling on the beach under a swaying palm tree. Are you wondering what else to do in Palm Cove for free? Perfect…keep reading.

1. An Esplanade BBQ

A beachfront barbeque at sunset is one of the best free things to do in Palm Cove. With superb uninterrupted views of the Coral Sea, perfect evening temps and a sizzling hot plate you couldn’t possibly go wrong. Remember to take a beach towel, some steaks, a few cold drinks, the all essential tongs and you’re on!

2. Practice Snorkelling

A trip to Far North Queensland isn’t complete without visiting the mighty Great Barrier Reef. However, before you embark on a memorable tour to one of the seven wonders of the natural world it’s best to ensure your snorkel prowess is up to standard. So, get practicing in our onsite Lagoon Pool and you’ll be pro in no time at all.

3. Crystal Cascades

Shh. Here’s a little secret we like to share with our special guests. Take a quick 30 minute drive south to find the lovely Crystal Cascades. This formation of glistening granite boulders, flowing creeks and tumbling casades makes for a wonderful day out. Hidden under the rainforest leaves the mountain creeks cool all year round.

4. Barron Falls Lookout

Barron Falls might just have to be the most popular lookout in all of tropical North Queensland. It’s an approx. 45 minute drive from your home at Oasis Palm Cove to Barron Gorge National Park. From there take a gentle, quick hike through the forest which leads you to the intensely beautiful Barron Falls. Tip: the tropical wet season (November to April) is when these massive waterfalls really roar to life, boosted by the monsoon rains.

5. Cape Tribulation Picnic Lunch

Make a day of it and leave early to explore the exquisite Cape Tribulation region. The two hour drive north is a bucket list journey unto itself as the road hugs the stunning coast most of the way. Arrive and unpack your pre prepared picnic lunch and snack under the ancient forest canopy. Tip: keep an eye out for the not so elusive cassowary.

6. Beach Chill

We know you’ll love the Lagoon Pool at our 4 star appointed apartments but don’t forget the lovely Palm Cove beach just a hop, skip and jump away. Stretch out upon its soft white sand, book in hand and be thankful for the Cove’s chilled out energy, as you gaze upon the gorgeous Coral Sea.

7. Capture the Culture

Get snap happy and point your trigger finger in every direction whilst on vacation in Palm Cove. This exclusive enclave is a most enchanting place to photograph. With its palm-fringed beach, luxe cafes and epic sunrise over the sea vistas, there’s plenty of photographic moments you won’t want to miss. Hint: there’s little to no light pollution in these parts, thus capturing a shot of the night stars on a long shutter speed is relatively easy.

8. Rest & Relaxation

Palm Cove is an ideal destination to indulge in rest and relaxation. In today’s fast paced modern society it’s healthy to unplug virtually and replenish your body naturally. Take a stroll along the esplanade and marvel at the enveloping tranquility. Because as the saying goes the best things in life (and Palm Cove) are free.